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To the editor, I agree with Mr. William Davis' letter to the Times Gazette where he replied to Stella Adcock. Ms. Adcock makes the ridiculous claim that 80% of Americans believe Democrats are communists without any proof of her claim.  If she does claim proof it will be from some conspiracy theorist or Fox (Trump Propaganda) News.  It may even be from the John Birch Society... more
To the editor, In these difficult and uncertain times, we all have struggles that we could not have imagined a year ago. We move through each day hoping to cope with what our daily “new normal” looks like. We miss contact with our families, our friends, our church, our workplace. ... more
To the editor, I have never felt compelled to write a letter to the editor until now. As a Church Pastor, one of the things I have always held back on is open involvement in the political arena. So why now, well why not in these crazy times. If anyone had told me that we would go through a nationwide lockdown, that I would preach sermons from a camper in my front yard while awaiting the results of what would be a negative COVID-19 test, I would have just laughed. But those things happened... more
To the editor,     Well, I see in the latest edition of The World According to Stella, Ms. Adcock now informs us that all Democrats are "Commies," and then brings to us the startling revelation that 80% of people in the U.S. think this is true. I don't know what magic hat she pulled that number from, but I confess I find it hard to believe that 80% of Americans are as delusional as her... more
To the editor, The African- American community has taken a stand on the injustice and many other issues they have endured since the Civil War. They are tired of being treated as a second-class people, and they are tired of seeing no chance for betterment in today’s world... more
To the editor, Are Democrats Communist? Eighty percent (80) of Americans say yes. Twenty percent (20) say no. Democrats want a large central government with lots of regulations; they want to take money from the rich and give to the poor. Recently, Rep. Cortez wants to give “everyone” a salary whether they want to work or not... more
To the editor, The Trump presidency will go down in history as one of the worst. Starting with his elimination of safety programs, to his impeachment, the handling of the coronavirus, to his obsession of covering up his bone spurs military deferment by acting as a military leader... more
To the editor, Many thanks for all the many cards, calls and personal contact in interest of the Field of Heroes 2020. In mid February beginning early planning preparation for program for the event there were many obstacles that tested my faith to continue. Then COVID-19 added to my struggle to continue. I then decided to just give in and not honor this day as I have for seven years... more
To the editor, On May 23, when we have almost 100,000 Americans dead from coronavirus, Donald Trump was out playing golf at his Virginia resort.  All we can conclude from this is he was celebrating the deaths of all those people.  This is a man who claims he cares about the American people yet doesn't even have respect enough for others to wear a mask.  He must think he is some beauty with the orange hair, white circles around his eyes, and orange face.  He looks more like a clown than a president.. ... more
To the editor, With 2020 election only 7 months away. I think it is time to look at both party’s history and policies. Most Americans think the Democratic party as progressive, and forward thinking. However, it never was that way. The truth behind the Democratic party is one of racism and corruption; the party condoned slavery, started a civil war, opposed reconstruction after the war, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynching, and fought the civil rights act... more
To the editor, I have been an ardent follower of politics most of my life, ever since my father and I watched the Watergate hearings and Richard Nixon's subsequent downfall and resignation in disgrace in the 70's. I have seen good leaders, bad leaders, watched their minions fall by the wayside in both political parties, as the nation always survived and marched into the future. ... more
To the editor, In response to the writer regarding me, Bobby Fanning gripes too much. I see now she goes to the depths of her concern with my personal feeling when in reality she likewise does the same in her love and admiration for a president who has been impeached, lies, and shows how he will act f anyone disagrees with him in any matter. I need not go into the depths of this we all know how he acts... more
To the editor, As a subscriber,  I want to thank you for your newspaper’s excellent coverage of the terrible Covid-19 outbreak in your community.        I am 100% sure that your newspaper's coverage and your editorial regarding this health crisis in Shelbyville/Bedford County played a major role in the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration’s decision to not hold its annual “Spring Fun Show” event on May 21-23, 2020... more
To the Editor, Those of us that had the pleasure of going to a barn dance can still hear words called out to the people dancing. “One step forward and one step back, step to the right and step to the left, take your lady and turn her all about.” Yes, that was some good entertainment and it always made me dizzy. The Mike and Bubba Trump show has become an entertainment, and it will make you dizzy if you watch it long enough... more
To the editor, I am writing this pertaining to Bobby Fanning of Tullahoma writing something all the time in the paper about Trump. (Keep it in Tullahoma.) Trump showing charts, maps and video clips were shown because the Dems had been saying he hadn’t responded quick enough, that he wasn’t doing his job... more
To the editor, President Grim Reaper is at it again with his miracle cures.  His hydroxychloroquine cure proved to be extremely dangerous so now he is telling us to inject or orally insert disinfectants into our bodies.  He also wants us to insert ultraviolet light.  These are the "cures" this fake doctor is promoting to cure covid-19.  He is like a mad scientist turned loose in Frankenstein's lab... more
To the editor, Community means neighbors, family and friends, church and school. It means where we work, the stores where we shop, the restaurants where we eat and where we go to enjoy a little fun. It’s the everyday moments, and probably the things I’ve taken for granted, that make me proud to be a member of this community.  ... more
To the editor, During this past week the American people witness President Trump performing in front of the TV cameras about how he has handled the Coronavirus pandemic. What was supposed to be a daily or weekly briefing about the coronavirus has become a platform for Trump to use as a campaign platform. ... more
To the Editor, It has now been about two weeks since the publisher of this newspaper, Adam Johnson, wrote an opinion titled Farce Majeure. It is an piece on the coronavirus. Force Majeure is an act of God; it is also used in legal agreement between parties, where in case of unforeseen circumstances, no party is held liable. ... more
To the editor, There is only one person who has worked in the Trump administration with whom I have ever agreed and that is former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  When Tillerson called Trump a moron he hit the nail on the head. We can fully see that Trump's handling of the response to the coronavirus pandemic is terrible.  He knew about problems with the virus in late December, 2019.  He didn't get serious about it until late March, 2020.  The gap between those dates allowed the virus to spread rampantly and he did nothing to get medical supplies to the states.  He claims he stopped people from coming from China, yet we know over 400,000 came in after he closed the country  to those from China.. ... more
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