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To the Editor: After reading the story printed in the Shelbyville Times-Gazette regarding the meeting of the Bedford County School board it is apparent that I either misspoke or misrepresented my thoughts or I was taken out of context in regards to conversations I had with commissioners as individuals... more
To the Editor: We the people of the United States of America are asking for a change of venue for the trial of President Donald Trump. Before the impeachment trial even begins in the United States Senate Republicans are already defending the president and declaring his innocence. ... more
To the Editor: Now that the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump is over, and a number of witnesses have testified both from the Republicans and Democrats, we as American citizens are perplexed as to the outcome of the hearing. Who is right and who is wrong? All of the witnesses were honorable people. Some served as military officers, or appointed ambassadors, and some were just in the loop... more
To the Editor: I am a volunteer at Good Samaritan. This is my second year for helping unload the cans of food and other items donated by Shelbyville Central High School. First, I would like to thank all those who donated food and toiletry items. We were getting very low on some food items and also toilet paper. ... more
To the kind man in Kroger today (Monday, Nov. 25) who paid for my groceries: Thank you, it was a shock. God bless you; happy holidays. M. Williams --- The Times-Gazette publishes letters to the editor as space allows, and reserves the right to refuse any letter and to edit for content and length... more
To the Editor: It's no secret that we are way behind in our Wreath Counts this year for our Wreaths Across America veterans ceremony. This is why we are issuing a Challenge to every resident of Bedford County. We want every able person to buy at least one wreath, they cost $15 and will honor one of the 1750 graves we are charged with. If you cannot afford at least one wreath at this time please try to spread the word... more
To the Editor: We are entering the season of giving, but in October several groups got a head start by giving their time and talents for United Way of Bedford County's "Day of Caring". Newell Brands, Jostens, Tennova Healthcare-Shelbyville and First Community Bank all were active working with UWBC partners on needed maintenance and cleaning... more
To the Editor: This is a rebuttal to Stella Adcock's letter to the editor on November 6. According to Wikipedia, Judicial Watch is a pro Trump outlet which has made numerous false and unsubstantiated claims. They have filed many lawsuits of which the vast majority have been dismissed. ... more
To the editor: This is a rebuttal to the [letter to the editor by Charles Reed] on October 23 on the opinion page. Democrats have been above the law since Obama entered the White House. We know for a fact that 49,000 of Hilary Clinton's email records were found in the Obama White House, specifically, in the Executive Office of the president! E.W. ... more
To the Editor: The dictionary defines socialism as, “political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” In other words, everything is managed by a totalitarian government... more
To the Editor: Someone is above the law and that is Donald J. Trump. He has obstructed justice, committed quid pro quo, violated the emolument clause, and continues working with Russia. What has been done to keep him from violating our laws? A sitting president cannot be charged with a crime due to an ignorant DOJ rule. Trump will never be removed from office as long as Mitch McConnell and his gang are in control of the Senate and Bill Barr is Attorney General... more
To the Editor: I’m not writing in absolute opposition to the idea of a traffic circle at the Cascade School intersection. I do want to raise some concerns. Traffic circles are inherently tricky, requiring a particular driving mindset and skills. Be aware that young, inexperienced drivers would be trying to navigate it safely... more
To the Editor: "Democrats render 'no one above the law' meaningless." That quote comes from Clarence McKee (The Silent Minority) Americans recognize hypocrisy and selective morality when they see it. They watch Democrats and their fellow media slither through the Washington DC swamp who try to stifle the attempt by President Trump to drain it. We still have vipers there... more
To the Editor: October 22nd is International Stuttering Awareness Day. Stuttering is the only disability people still laugh at but we're working to change that! Just over 70 million people around the world stutter, including more than three million Americans... more
To the Editor: Our "Heroes for Hunger" are the sole reason for the overwhelming success of the 2019 Shelbyville Community Soup Kitchen Fundraiser Dinner. Collectively, and without hesitation, you stepped up and bought table sponsorships, provided amazing baskets and delicious desserts to be auctioned, you donated monies, served our guests, decorated tables, you gave of your musical and auction expertise... ... more
To the Editor: I would like to respond to Dawn Hankins’ column of Oct 5th, “Bible belongs in school.” In it, she laments that the Bible is not displayed in schools, and of course longs for Christian teachers and principles to lead as disciples of their faith... more
To the Editor: In May 2019, The IPCC reported on a study of global warming to 1.5O C. This is about .5OC above current warming levels of 1OC (2OF). Using the latest climate change pathway model, this study predicted that the 1.5OC level of warming would occur between the years of 2030 and 2050. ... more
To the editor: Schools in Bedford County are back in session and thanks to the generosity of so many people no student should be without proper supplies for the school year. A big thank you to everyone who helped United Way of Bedford County collect more than 10,000 individual items, enough to fill 152 boxes with useful school items... more
To the Editor: Mark Hendrickson recently wrote an article for Epoch Times that is reprinted by AMAC (with permission), that needs to viewed by every American. "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." -- Ronald Reagan... more
To the Editor: The Trump people who write to the Times Gazette love to blame liberals for every problem there is in this country. They never once will admit that Donald Trump and his cronies have done more damage to America than the liberals have ever done... more
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