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Bell Buckle 29th Annual RC-Moon Pie Festival ™

June 15, 2024, Saturday 7:00 am until 5:00 pm Bell Buckle, Tennessee


The entertainment at this year's RC and MoonPie festival will, as always, be a highlight. Taking center stage this year with a musical contest where you’ll decide the winner. And let’s just say these contestants are professionals and are going to knock your blue suede shoes off!

Now all of you with suspicious minds are wondering what in the world Bell Buckle could be up to this year as each year there is a new RC and MoonPie King and Queen crowned.
And maybe even a new flavor for the World’s Largest MoonPie that is served to all! Let them Eat Mo’ Pie, we say! And when that big pie is served, well it’s a now or never kind of thing if you want to check that delicious experience off the bucket list!