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My Take

Disney and the love of decency

. . . makes no difference who you are


This world gets weirder every day. What some people think is appropriate in public amazes me.  

A couple wearing sexually suggestive T-shirts in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World earlier this week has caused a major outcry online asking for officials of the Walt Disney Company to completely ban such apparel from all of their theme parks.  

Disney World’s website states, “We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could attract from the experience of other guests.”  

I know they have adhered to this policy in at least one occasion. I personally saw it happened. A young woman walked in the Magic Kingdom wearing a black sweatshirt and matching sweatpants adorned with all the obscene words you can imagine, and some you might not be able to imagine, in bright gold lettering.  

For those familiar with the park, she made it under the train trestle before security guards surrounded her. How she got past the gate I will never understand. I saw what was happening and the reporter in me kicked in.  

I had to find out what was going on.  

Security guards told her she had two choices – she could simply turn around and leave the park, get a refund of her ticket and not return. Or she could go back to her hotel room, home, or car, change her clothes, and get a voucher to re-enter the park.  

I don’t know what her choice was. I just know she had to leave the park. They also monitor inappropriate clothing and a TikTok “star” posted she had been given a “$75 T-shirt” by Disney employees because her top was deemed to be too revealing. The T-shirt incident has gone viral with photos of the couple with their faces covered are posted on social media and in stories printed by news organizations worldwide.  

People are upset with the wearing of such offensive apparel. I find that to be more than a little refreshing in this day and time, especially when individual freedom is being touted by so many.  

My daughter and I have been frequent visitors to Disney World in the past. She even spent time working at Animal Kingdom and lived in Disney housing. She loves the parks, especially EPCOT.  

At the age of 28 she is not easily offended, but if we had encountered a similar situation at Disney World when she was a young child I would have been upset.  

Over the Thanksgiving holidays my daughter plans to visit Disney World. I won’t return until I there is no longer a mask requirement. It has been a while since we have visited. I admit I miss going there, something I never thought I would say based on how many times we have been there.  

It is billed as “the happiest place on earth” and for a hefty price it is a wonderful place to forget about the real world and be immersed in fantasy.  

For those tempted to follow those wanting to shock the family crowd, I have one thing to say. Don’t do it.  


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