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'Ginger Marie:' Divinely inspired author, local ties

By DAWN HANKINS - dhankins@t-g.com
Posted 1/30/21

Ginger Marie Stover Wilson says she hates the devil. So much so, this Bedford County native says she decided to author children's books-those though aimed at warning young people of satanic lies. She now has several titles reviewed and online, as a result...

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'Ginger Marie:' Divinely inspired author, local ties


Ginger Marie Stover Wilson says she hates the devil. So much so, this Bedford County native says she decided to author children's books-those though aimed at warning young people of satanic lies. She now has several titles reviewed and online, as a result.

Wilson, whose pen name is Ginger Marie, says she actually began writing in 1991, when she was rearing small children. Naturally reading classic stories to them, she had the vision of writing some books of her own.

Ginger Marie, who grew up right here in this county as a child, describes her signature style as delicate, yet full of whimsical illustrations and fun-filled stories for kids. The subjects in many of her books are classic fictional characters like "Hansel and Gretel" and "The Three Pigs"-a book in which she emphasizes having a spiritual faith as strong as bricks.

More inspiration as a writer, she says, came when she had a spiritual experience in which she believes God asked her to become an author of such children's books. As a result of her calling, she says the premise is generally a biblical lesson.

Inside her books, she writes the following to her young readers: "God told me that writing children's books about Him and His will was the reason why I was born into the world."

Ginger Marie has published such books as, "Jesus Christ is the Real Superman" and "Earth Down the Rabbit Hole (based on Bible scripture Luke 10:18.) In the latter book, the author uses the tale of "Alice in Wonderland" to illustrate the story of the devil falling from heaven to earth as a lightening bolt.

"I fell in love with drawing as a child . . . creating music and poems for years."

The author's stories come to life in what she refers to as the "real version of God" and the devil's story-all artistically developed through analogies and metaphors straight out of beloved children's classics like "Alice in Wonderland, The Pied Piper, The Big Bad Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, The Wizard of Oz, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Hansel & Gretel."

Most of all, Ginger Marie has faith in what she's writing-a gift which she's used since her childhood here. Now 55, the former Shelbyvillian explains that she lived in Bedford County until the early 1970s; she would return a short while in the late 1970s.

"I attended the Madison Street school in 1972. We lived there on Fox Lane back in the day. We also lived on a Bell Buckle farm. We lived on the main road by the duck river bridge and got flooded back in 1969, then the tornado came through and destroyed the farm and we were in the house as the twister destroyed the house around us; sounded like a train."

She says for years, she had a phobia of train noise-one which she's resolved. Her family lived in a housing area near the court house, she recalls-one which would get flooded.

"We lost everything . . . many times in Shelbyville. Most of the older generation are gone now. I am 55 years old, so I guess I am the old generation now. I did go to school for a short while in 1977 in Shelbyville; we lived there during the summer as well."

Years after leaving Bedford County, Ginger Marie studied art and children's literature and earned associate arts degrees at both Roane State Community College in Harriman and at Miami Dade College in Miami, Fla., She notes how she later pursued her writing interest and a master's degree at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville.

Illustrations, she says, express the similar analogies and metaphors of how the story of the devil and God can be shown in relation to the story of OZ. A fictional story comes to life in what she deems "the REAL version of God" and the devil's story with witches, a wizard, a lion, a yellow road, and a pair of magic shoes.

"There is no place like Heaven and you can follow the yellow gold road to live with God forever! The devil is the wizard of lies deceiving the entire world for 6,000 years."

"Hansel & Gretel: The Ways of the Devil," she says, explores the world of how the devil has spread lies around the world using things that look harmless.

Her Jack and the Beanstalk analogy shows how David from the Bible (Jack) defeats the giant Goliath and restores the "golden eggs" back to mankind. The author explains how through this fictional beloved children's fable, she takes readers ultimately through a Biblical aspect.

Reviewers have stated that the book develops an understanding of the way that mankind is deceived in the world while trying to find God. Readers are encouraged through her work of fiction to explore the adventures of Jack as he climbs the bean stalk and discovers "a new world."

Ginger Marie explains that this old children's story has never before been associated with the stories of the Bible; she invites readers to "come learn how history and the folklore bring a new Biblical story to life!"

"Watch as King David kills his giant. Enjoy the "golden eggs" as we honor the Passover Seder and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ while embracing the Easter holiday and observing the Last Supper celebrated by Christian's yearly as being the precious and cherished Word of God!"

In "Devil, the Pied Piper of Planet Earth" the author explains how the devil deceived the entire world.

"The Big Bad Wolf" as well as the beloved "Three Little Pigs" discover how faith can save the world from what the author describes as "big bad wolves everywhere!"

Her writings "In the City and Country" too is learning about the changes of life living within the city and the country. "It's a poem about how much God loves you. This book is a simplistic book that uses cute illustrations to explain the differences between city and country life. In the City and Country too is about living in different places and enjoying the differences in both lifestyles expressed in rhyme. You can enjoy life in the City and Country too!"

You can find the books on Amazon; Ginger Marie's author home page at: https://www.amazon.com/Ginger-Marie/e/B087F4LJK6%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share


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