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Pencil Shavings

Have a safe July 4


The policy of the Times-Gazette is to only print reader submitted "Letters to the Editor" which clearly identify the author. Sometimes without supplying that information, readers miss out on some good points, because we refuse to print.

I am going to refer to a letter-to-the-editor from this week which was apparently from someone who wished to remain anonymous. They only identified themselves as "Outraged and Saddened."

There was no return address.

Still, considering how reckless some people are driving out there right now, (read weekly police blotter and court reports) I thought a few of the points were worth a mention. The anonymous author wrote: "I am completely appalled that the rodeo on Anderton Road is still going on. My son and his family were coming home from Murfreesboro Sunday night-right before Anderton Road. Once again, for no telling how many times, a car from that rodeo pulled out going down the wrong side of the road. Yes, it was coming from that rodeo. The side my son and his family were on. Luckily, my son was able to get out of the way before he was hit head on. How many more people have to die because no one in this town will do what is right and shut that place down."

I welcome this author to send another letter in the future that has his or her name and address. A contact number is also

required, but we do not print that in newspaper.

Here's the bigger picture-people need to slow it down. They also need to be educated on and watch road and directional signage, just like the letter author wrote. Of course, don't drive drunk or stoned, for that matter.

This is dangerous for travelers, especially since construction work still continues in many areas, particularly outside the City limits at the Wartrace Pike and 41 A South intersection. For commuters, it's often unpleasant.

The other day, a motorist in a big white truck was apparently annoyed with me as I was not speeding like he or she intended in the 41A South construction area. I say this, judging from the vehicles weaving from side-to-side and close proximity to my back bumper.

When he or she had the opportunity, they passed in a screech on a double line in that two-lane construction area just outside City limits. Last time I checked, that move is illegal.

That wasn't the end of it. Having little time to negotiate what was coming head on, the same driver cut in front of me, barely missing the front end of my vehicle, as he/she negotiated back into the right lane.

Small car, big truck. Ok. Not funny, but very dangerous.

I ask the age old question . . . is it worth it? Talking about reckless driving (that's considered 30 mph over posted speed limit in Tennessee) this brings to mind of my favorite Tennessee Department of Transportation interstate slogan signs.

The state had a great idea a few years ago to allow the public to invent safety slogans for its digital signage. Boy, did they get some funny messages all the way from Chattanooga to Nashville.

I believe this particular slogan in mind is appropriate for the July 4 holiday (yes, the state posted): "Eyes on the road and keep your head out of your Apps."

Dawn Hankins is a staff writer for the Times-Gazette.


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