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Media, big tech fixed the election


To the editor,

Brent Bozell of Media Research announced at a news conference from a survey reported in the Epoch Times that 10 percent of Biden voters in key states would not have voted for him if they had known about Hunter and Joe Biden’s shady dealings with China, Ukraine, and Russia.

A survey of 1,750 (9.4%) of voters in Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan would have prompted them to change their vote had they known about the shady deals. The media shielded Biden from this information getting out to the public. Biden stayed in his basement so he could not be ask any questions about this sordid dealings.

Had voters known about sexual assault allegations raised against Biden by a former aid, 8.9 percent of respondence would have changed their votes according to the survey which was conducted by Polling.com. Subtracting the votes of respondents who said they would have changed their decision from Biden’s total in seven states would have pushed Trump to 311 electoral votes, enough according to survey to win a second term.

The national media news stole this election. There is no freedom of the press in this country anymore.

There are eight major stories that were censored by the national media: Here they are.

• Hunter Biden’s financial dealings with foreign countries and individuals, including China, Russia, and Ukraine.

• Third-quarter annualized Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 33.1 percent — the highest quarterly rate of growth ever.

• The creation of more than 11 million new jobs between May and September 2020.

• The negotiation of multiple peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel and the subsequent Nobel Peace nomination for Trump.

• The sexual assault accusation by Tara Reade against Joe Biden from 1990’s.

• Senator Kamala Harris having the most liberal voting record in the Senate, even left of Bernie Sanders

*The $10 BILLION “warp speed” effort launched by Trump to expedite the development and production of CCP virus treatment and vaccines.

*The USA achieving energy independence under Trump Administration

Each survey respondent was ask about each story, then given specific details about the story and ask if the new information would have changed how they voted.

From one third to one half said they had not heard at least one of the stories prior to Nov 3. For example, 25.3% claimed no knowledge of Harris voting record and 50.5% were unaware of USA had achieved energy independence under Trump administration.

Forty-five percent of respondents said they had not heard or read in the national media about the Hunter Biden scandal prior to Nov. 3 and 35.4 percent did not know about Tara Reed accusations against former vice president.

The media, Democrats and Big Tech are responsible for this cover up. Both (the media and Big Tech) are in Democrats’ hip pocket. They have lied, cheated, bribed, and bought votes with gift cards ( for Biden votes) in this presidential election. They insist on calling Biden president elect. That title belongs to the person who wins. The media does not pick the winner. The winner will be chosen by the Electoral College.

People who have committed fraud in this election should be prosecuted and that includes Big Tech. The national media has lost all creditability. Social media is censoring speech on their platforms; closing conservative accounts and lying to us on national news networks. They do not report the news unless it fits their narrative. ( It did not fit their narrative to report these 8 major stories, I just mentioned, because it would have given President Trump credit!). Voter fraud is rampant in 2020 election. The smoking gun was caught on tape in Atlanta when the supervisors sent everyone home at 10:30 pm and said vote counting would start at 8:30 the next day. When nearly everyone was out of the building, containers resembling suitcases were pulled from under tables and ballots were counted until 1:AM with no poll watchers present. A violation of election law was committed.

The national media is still saying there is no voter fraud, in spite of CNN making a documentary in 2017 showing how voting machines can be hacked. It suited their narrative then; now they want to bury it.

We have over 280 people coming forward with signed affidavits (with prison time if they lie) to report what they saw being illegally done at the polls. These folks have been threatened, smeared, have lost their jobs over this. One lady was attacked and required a hospital stay after reporting what she saw at the polling station. None of this has been reported on national media. It was reported on One America News and Newsmax.

All of this is happening in our country and yet not one Democrat has lifted a voice in disapproval. This is what happens when Congress has 50+ democrats linked to communism. Don’t believe it? Look it up.

Stella Adcock



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