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My big mistake was voting for Trump


To the editor,

I have a suggestion and I'm serious. What is wrong with putting all the former presidents in office with President Joe Biden: Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama. We could see if all four could get the country great again. They all did a fair job of running this country when they were president; at least they didn't tear it apart. It is now in a mess. I don't think Joe Biden or anyone else can do it by themselves. If they do get it better then they can start selecting a president again.

At least these former presidents have morals and a family so they know about love. Most people don't know what love is anymore. Everything is all about themselves and I don't think they even love themselves. I don't see why this wouldn't work.

Trump gave me four years of hell. How can a Christian say dirty words and say things like drink Clorox or grab a woman by her blank and she will do anything you want her to do. All I can say is if she does she is not a woman. Something else but not a woman. He also used the F-word and even had Bull S? on his banner in the Christmas parade this year. Look what he said about veterans: "suckers and losers."

I waited four years to see Trump make American Great Again. Now this country is in the worst shape that I have seen in my 84 years. I was one of the fools that voted for him the first time. I guess anyone can make a mistake and boy did I make a big one.

Ludine Adcock,



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