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Park master plan discussed


The second Parks and Recreation public meeting to update the master plan was held Tuesday evening at the Shelbyville Recreation Center.  

Parks Director Mike Alsup encouraged the few citizens in attendance to provide insight on program ideas or facility changes they would like to see in the Master Plan before it goes to the Parks Board in January for approval.  

The Master Plan details any projects or improvements planned for the next five years.  

“For this Master Plan, we want to look at where we are currently, but then we want to see where is it you would like to see us going in the future,” Alsup said.  

Citizen input  

One of the biggest concerns brought up by citizens is the utilization of park land. For example, 50 acres that were recently purchased are “still sitting there,” according to some.  

But Alsup said there is a lot of interest in that non utilized space that will be presented to the City in the next budget round.  

“As more people come here, there will be more demand for parks...and that’s something we want to look at, the possibility of more neighborhood parks,” Alsup said.  

Program ideas from citizens ranged from rock climbing to archery to virtual reality—all of which parks and rec does not offer yet. 

 Part of the appeal to reinvent programs is to attract visitors who normally would not go parks, Alsup said.  

Current programs can be found on the parks and rec website https://shelbyvilletnparks.org/. 

TDEC grant  

The public meetings are also part of a grant application for a Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).  

There’s up to a million dollars in funding, in which the state pays half, Alsup said. The grant can be applied to any outside facility such as playgrounds, skate parks, tennis courts.  

A sizable grant, Alsup said having an updated Master Plan as well as public input will help the Parks and Rec team decide what improvements to make that best suit visitors.  

“We’ll have this ready and we’ll be ready to apply,” said Alsup.  

Application for the grant is due next August and acceptance is known by the first of the year. 


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