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Praise for the folks at County Health


To the editor,

Cudos to Bedford County Health Department Nurses and all other staff for making Covid vaccine for the elderly a stress free experience! I am 80 y/o, my husband 83 y/o. We were very worried about the possibility of waiting in long lines in cold weather especially since I am on crutches with a fractured knee! My children in Chattanooga were telling us horror stories of the disastrous Covid vaccine rollout there with long lines outdoor for the elderly and after waiting 2-3 hours they were then turned away!

How grateful we are for the smooth experience we had in Shelbyville. Cones were set up to show the way in and we were met by very nice staff who called ahead to the next area via cell phone to tell them we had arrived for our appointment and gave us the needed paperwork including explanation of " what to expect." The way was well marked and the wait minimal. Two efficient and friendly young ladies , one on each side of the car; went over our paperwork and administered our injections. We were even given a card with pertinent information regarding our injection type and with our date/time for the second needed vaccine!

Then on to the "wait" area to be sure we were having no untoward reaction. A nice young lady came by during this time to check on us!!

We never left our car. We were treated with the utmost respect and kindness! This whole efficient process was due to the professionalism and care of the staff! Our sincere thanks to Bedford County Health-Department staff !!

Evelyn O'Leary

Bell Buckle


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