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Reopen Warners Bridge river access


To the Editor:

I served the people of the fourth district as one of their commissioners for 20-plus years. During this time, Warners Bridge was replaced using federal and state grant money. The county, to insure access to the river for fishermen, boaters, floaters, and the public, purchased land from one of the property owners joining the bridge footprint. There are state right of way markers marking the bridge footprint.

Recently the property on the north east side of Warners Bridge Road has been purchased. The new owner, according to best available information, has put a gate across the county owned land denying public access. Again, according to best available information, the new owner claims ownership of a section at the river's edge. The new owner claims the county's land does not go to the water.

Here's what needs to happen immediately:

#1 Remove the gates from public land.

#2 Fence the area that you claim to own if you can't wait for a survey.

#3 The County Mayor, Commission, or whoever is in charge should authorize a survey of the county owned land.

#4 If the survey shows that the county does not own the land to the water, the needed land to complete the right of way for the public good needs to be obtained.

William Frank Butler



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