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Tighter security planned at threatened schools

A strong law enforcement presence was expected Tuesday at Shelbyville Central High School and adjoining Harris Middle School in response to a social media threat made Friday.
A threat against Shelbyville Central High School was posted Friday on Snapchat, and authorities said Monday they’re still attempting to determine the source.
“Me and a couple of my friends have been bullied for so long and we can’t deal with it anymore,” the poster claimed. “We plan on shooting up Central High School around 10 to 11 am (heart emoji). We will shoot anyone on sight going for around 5-10 students and 5 administrators.”
A Facebook post by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said Harris Middle School was also threatened.
“Someone or ones are saying they are going to shoot some students and faculty Tuesday. We are trying to find out who they are right now,” Sheriff Austin Swing said Saturday. “We are still investigating, no arrests have been made,” Swing said Monday.
“There will be a strong presence of law enforcement at Central and Harris on Tuesday,” the BCSO’s post said. “If you have any information regarding the threat please contact the BCSO.  (931) 684-3232.”
“No new information has come to light,” Deputy Chief Brian Crews of the Shelbyville Police Department said Monday. “We plan to have additional officers at the impacted schools for the remainder of the week.
“Schools should be a safe place for kids to go and we are going to do everything we can to assure parents and students their schools are safe,” said Crews, who is also a member of the Bedford County School Board.
“We will also work with the Sheriff’s Office in an effort to determine who is behind the threats and make sure they are punished.”
“I take the safety of our schools and staff as my number one priority. Threats against the safety of a school is a crime and will not be tolerated,” Dr. Tammy Garrett, Bedford County Director of Schools, said Saturday. “We are in constant communication with law enforcement.”
Both schools have Student Resource Officers assigned full-time to the campuses. They are Bedford County deputy sheriffs. Shelbyville police officers regularly check the schools during the day as well.

“These threats are disruptive and will not be tolerated,” Crews said.


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