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We don’t need a Christmas Grinch

My Take

Mark McGee
Posted 12/4/21

Is the Omicron COVID variant going to be the Grinch that stole Christmas?  

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We don’t need a Christmas Grinch

My Take


Is the Omicron COVID variant going to be the Grinch that stole Christmas?  

It seems like every time we appear to be moving ahead with our lives without COVID-19 hanging over us some new variant occurs.  

There are warnings. There are concerns. This variant appears to have started in South Africa where one doctor is quoted as saying the variant is highly contagious, but the symptoms of the variant have been “very mild”.  

The World Health Organization says it is “a variant of concern”.  

President Joe Biden called the variant “a cause for concern, but not a cause of panic”.  

The Centers for Disease Control says, “we should be watchful”.  

What a great early Christmas present this is for all. Not exactly what we wanted under the tree.  

As of the writing of this column, no cases of the omicron variant had been reported in the United States. Canada, however, has seen the variant in patients. Some experts say the Omicron variant is in the United States, but because of flaws in reporting of data the number of cases is unknown.  

While I still see masks on some people, the majority of venues and businesses recommend the use of masks, but they are not enforcing the rule. The Nashville Predators have stopped their policy of checking people for their vaccination status and few fans are wearing masks in Bridgestone Arena. I was a participant in a major event for charity in Nashville Monday night with at least a couple of hundred people in attendance. Again, masks were scarce.  

However, I have noticed that many events, large and small, which I have attended, are not attracting as many people as in the past.  

Some speculate there are still concerns about COVID. Some think people have become accustomed to being at home during the past 18 months and don’t see the need to go to live events. It is all a matter of protection.  

Whether or not to take the vaccine was not a question for me due to some of my health issues. It is up to individuals to decide what they want to do about vaccinations.  

Are masks helpful? The answer seems to be only if they are worn correctly. Again, this is a personal choice.  

How will the Omicron variant effect the Christmas season? Like most everything about COVID from the beginning, no one really knows.  

One company has been advertising this is the most important Christmas ever as we emerge from the isolation of COVID and return to attending events and family gatherings.  

Let us all hope and pray for a return to a normal Christmas. We don’t need a stocking filled with Omicron coal to crush our holiday spirits. 


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