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To the editor, The deadly Coronavirus or Covid-19 was announced in January 2020 here in the United States. There was little information given to us until early March. The president went about setting up a taskforce to get involved in researching this virus. ... more
To the editor, Trump is so afraid he is going to lose the election he is threatening to move the election date.  He cannot do this and he should know better ( which I doubt he has the sense ).   He is flailing around in his quagmire and he is lost.  The COVID is raging, his Gestapo is doing him no good, the GDP is down 32%, unemployment is through the roof, and  his niece is telling what a sorry man he is.  He has never faced anything like this in his life.  Everything has gone his way before so when things don't go his way  he is ready to cry his eyes out because he is a baby.  We truly have a child in the White House.. ... more
To the editor, Current Democrats laud themselves as being the champions of minorities and in particular; women. History would belie this assertion if read as actual and not the versions of revisionists and liberal media. A profound example would be the treatment of President Abraham Lincoln by the Democrats and media upon his issuance of the Proclamation of Emancipation edict; this was the issuance of freedom of all slaves in the seceded Southern states in January 1863. ... more
To the editor, I am being attacked by two different people so I must be doing something right! Ms. Ruth Bellenfant seems to think I deal in “fictional and imaginary facts.” There are no such things as fictional or imaginary facts. Facts deal in the truth. Something Democrats sorely lack in the Congress and Senate... more
To the editor, Ms Adcock accuses me of hyperventilating about Trump and his Republican enablers but it appears she is having a hissy fit about the facts.  Before she slams me and calls me a liar she needs to get some of her facts straight.  I will not attempt to address her letter on each point because it would take all day.  You can't convince someone who does not have an open mind and only listens to Fox News.  I do watch all news outlets, including Fox, so I can get all sides of the issues.  However, it seems like Fox has turned to propaganda more than news.. ... more
To the editor, I said I would not write a letter to the editor in response to Stella Adcock’s fictional and imaginary facts and condemnations regarding all Democrats, especially Mr. Reed. However, like Popeye, “I can’t stands no more,” I have to speak up... more
To the Editor, A 2020 Voter Registration and Survey of 10 million Christian Americans reveals just what is at stake in the 2020 election on November 3rd election. The Democrat-controlled U. S. House of Representatives recently voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections. What is your reaction? Why should they vote in a nation where they are not a citizen? Could I go to France and vote in their elections? No. Democrats will try to win at any cost... more
To the editor, I see Mr. Reed is hyperventilating about how bad President Trump and Republican supporters are without any evidence. Do you realize you have just put yourself in the category with Hillary Clinton? You have insulted over 63 million people who voted Republican in 2016 election? You are attacking a presidential pardon of Roger Stone, as well as General Flynn, who were treated very unfairly. ... more
To the editor, Now it is clear Donald Trump and Putin are tied together at the hip.  Trump had no choice but to commute the sentence of Roger Stone to keep Stone from spilling the beans on him.  Had Stone gone to prison he would have squealed on Trump and told that Trump was deeply involved with Russia.  If you look at past comments from Stone it is plain to see he was holding this over Trump's head.  Stone played his ace in the hole... more
To the editor, Liberty Guard has a survey out, entitled “2020 Tennessee Voter Education Campaign on The Biden Cartel.” In my opinion, they raise some interesting questions. Before the election on Nov. 3, the American people deserve to have this information about Joe Biden and his family—including that…... more
To the editor: The early voting for the Primary Election begins July 17, and the primary election is August 6. We the voters will be electing Mayors and Alderman’s in our communities. The general election is Nov. 3 when we the voters will elect a President, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Congressmen /women, we will also elect our State Senators and House Representatives. Your vote will decide what person is to represent your interest and issues... more
To the editor, I recently found myself on the “short-end” of a Facebook post when I challenged the “Silent Majority” for being silent. I pointed out that they “supported” the death of George Floyd. The person who copied and posted the “Silent Majority” post from a friend, took it that I was accusing her personally of supporting the death of George Floyd... more
To the editor, We are quickly approaching one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. The Covid 19 pandemic has halted our economy, it has impacted and affected our schools, our families and how we conduct our daily lives. It has created a climate of fear and violence which has swept across our nation... more
To the editor, Did any of you go or watch the Trump rally on TV in Tulsa? I did. It wasn’t very good for his campaign. The Trump rally in Phoenix wasn’t much better. I cannot help but ask people about the rally and the Coronavirus. No social distancing, mask, and for crying out loud having to sign a wavier not to sue, just to listen to him use the “A ‘and “F “word; and why would the Religious Right support a candidate that uses this type of language? We need changes... more
To the editor, After a recently stay at Lynchburg Nursing Center, I just wanted to pass on the great experience we had before being able to return home. I would have to say that everyone we dealt with was great but a few really stood out. Beth the CNA, was very caring and became like a friend. ... more
To the editor, The article about Hershel's retirement was interesting, and of great interest to me. I remember well when he was the Director of the SHA. I thought well of Hershel and am glad to have this opportunity to congratulate him on his long and faithful service. I hope that he and Karen will enjoy the new chapter in life. It was a pleasure to have known Hershel, and I appreciated the good job he did for Shelbyville... more
To the editor, It seems that most elected officials don’t care about the debt of our country these days because the Washington establishment is recklessly spending money that we don’t have. The country is over $25 trillion in debt, yet socialist decision-makers continue to push for new plans that will only drive our country deeper into debt. The far-left has proposed a government-run health care plan that is estimated to cost $52 trillion, as well as a Green New Deal estimated at $93 trillion. ... more
Letter to the editor, As chairman of the Bedford County Election Commission, I am responding to an article published in the Tennessean newspaper on June 26, 2020.  It stated "Any registered voter in Tennessee can request an absentee ballot.  In these 33 counties you wouldn't know it." This article included Bedford County... more
To the editor, I see the newspaper has printed an opinion from Charles Reed and William Davis that the communist Democrats do not exist, even though I provided research to prove my point. Google Democrats connected to the US Communist party. You will be surprised at how many communists we have in the Democrat party... more
To the editor, This letter is in response to the article “Upset Renters Told to Work with Landlords” from Thursday June 18, 2020. I am JoAnne Vasil, and I am a member of the Bedford County Listening Project. We initially presented a proposal for the County to adopt URLTA (Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act) at the May 2020 Rules and Legislative Committee meeting. ... more
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