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To the editor, Recently our President Donald John Trump made a statement to the media that Joe Biden was against God. What authority does Mr. Trump have in making this kind of religious statement; is he a Theologian who makes the interpretation of which is written in the scriptures of the Bible? I ask you how can Trump make a statement about Biden relationship with God after all of things he has said and done against God’s teachings... more
To the editor, I thought this COVID-19 pandemic would bring this country together. I was wrong. Instead of coming together, the radical liberal mob has chosen to destroy our country. Under the guise of “peaceful protest,” liberal extremists demolished and defaced 100-plus year old statues like George Washington and Ulysses Grant. ... more
To the editor, Bedford County Farm Bureau is proud to promote the “I Farm, I Vote”  initiative to encourage farmers and rural Tennesseans to get out and vote.  Agriculture is Tennessee’s number one employer and the lifeblood to rural communities in the state.  Rural votes matter, and the voices of our rural communities need to be heard in our state and national government.  The way to do that is to get out and vote. ... more
To the editor, Ms. Adcock claims she is being attacked by Ms. Bellenfant and me.  she should know that others have very different views from her, and the last time I looked we had freedom of speech. Of course, if Trump and his sycophants had their way, speech would only come from them.  It is their way or the highway... more
To the editor,     After reading your article I noticed several errors that I’m sure were not intentional but nonetheless were inaccurate and misleading.  Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight for you and your readers.   First, the Celebration grounds serves as the location for the Sunday morning worship service.  We do not schedule or conduct the service. ... more
To the editor, To debate or not to debate? That is the question for Joe Biden. If he does not debate, how are voters to know what his future policies are for the country? Mainstream media is sheltering Biden from any questions. We are left to wonder if Biden is up for the job physically or mentally. Is this the reason his “handlers” are keeping him in the basement?... more
To the editor, Gov. Lee, 50th governor of the state of Tennessee, who ran a campaign based on the belief that he stated during his inaugural address as “government is not the answer to our greatest challenges” has placed Tennessee in stage lights much brighter than the Opry could have fancied on how lack of leadership is expressly not the answer to our greatest challenges... more
To the editor, Ruth Bellenfant should be relieved, because after the election and if Mr. Biden (who has dementia) wins, she won’t hear anything that disturbs her left-leaning tendencies. As it is now, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are censoring anything that doesn’t play to their agenda (that would be the Left’s socialist idea of heaven on earth)... more
To the editor,     I am disappointed. I am disappointed in the people of Shelbyville and Bedford County. When I moved here 30 years ago, one of the things that I loved about living here was how friendly the people were, and how they genuinely cared about each other. For the most part, I find this to still be true... more
To the editor, The deadly Coronavirus or Covid-19 was announced in January 2020 here in the United States. There was little information given to us until early March. The president went about setting up a taskforce to get involved in researching this virus. ... more
To the editor, Trump is so afraid he is going to lose the election he is threatening to move the election date.  He cannot do this and he should know better ( which I doubt he has the sense ).   He is flailing around in his quagmire and he is lost.  The COVID is raging, his Gestapo is doing him no good, the GDP is down 32%, unemployment is through the roof, and  his niece is telling what a sorry man he is.  He has never faced anything like this in his life.  Everything has gone his way before so when things don't go his way  he is ready to cry his eyes out because he is a baby.  We truly have a child in the White House.. ... more
To the editor, Current Democrats laud themselves as being the champions of minorities and in particular; women. History would belie this assertion if read as actual and not the versions of revisionists and liberal media. A profound example would be the treatment of President Abraham Lincoln by the Democrats and media upon his issuance of the Proclamation of Emancipation edict; this was the issuance of freedom of all slaves in the seceded Southern states in January 1863. ... more
To the editor, I am being attacked by two different people so I must be doing something right! Ms. Ruth Bellenfant seems to think I deal in “fictional and imaginary facts.” There are no such things as fictional or imaginary facts. Facts deal in the truth. Something Democrats sorely lack in the Congress and Senate... more
To the Editor, A 2020 Voter Registration and Survey of 10 million Christian Americans reveals just what is at stake in the 2020 election on November 3rd election. The Democrat-controlled U. S. House of Representatives recently voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections. What is your reaction? Why should they vote in a nation where they are not a citizen? Could I go to France and vote in their elections? No. Democrats will try to win at any cost... more
To the editor, I said I would not write a letter to the editor in response to Stella Adcock’s fictional and imaginary facts and condemnations regarding all Democrats, especially Mr. Reed. However, like Popeye, “I can’t stands no more,” I have to speak up... more
To the editor, Ms Adcock accuses me of hyperventilating about Trump and his Republican enablers but it appears she is having a hissy fit about the facts.  Before she slams me and calls me a liar she needs to get some of her facts straight.  I will not attempt to address her letter on each point because it would take all day.  You can't convince someone who does not have an open mind and only listens to Fox News.  I do watch all news outlets, including Fox, so I can get all sides of the issues.  However, it seems like Fox has turned to propaganda more than news.. ... more
To the editor, I see Mr. Reed is hyperventilating about how bad President Trump and Republican supporters are without any evidence. Do you realize you have just put yourself in the category with Hillary Clinton? You have insulted over 63 million people who voted Republican in 2016 election? You are attacking a presidential pardon of Roger Stone, as well as General Flynn, who were treated very unfairly. ... more
To the editor, Now it is clear Donald Trump and Putin are tied together at the hip.  Trump had no choice but to commute the sentence of Roger Stone to keep Stone from spilling the beans on him.  Had Stone gone to prison he would have squealed on Trump and told that Trump was deeply involved with Russia.  If you look at past comments from Stone it is plain to see he was holding this over Trump's head.  Stone played his ace in the hole... more
To the editor, Liberty Guard has a survey out, entitled “2020 Tennessee Voter Education Campaign on The Biden Cartel.” In my opinion, they raise some interesting questions. Before the election on Nov. 3, the American people deserve to have this information about Joe Biden and his family—including that…... more
To the editor: The early voting for the Primary Election begins July 17, and the primary election is August 6. We the voters will be electing Mayors and Alderman’s in our communities. The general election is Nov. 3 when we the voters will elect a President, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Congressmen /women, we will also elect our State Senators and House Representatives. Your vote will decide what person is to represent your interest and issues... more
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