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A nation divided


To the editor,

Americans..... the lost. We have lost our sense of unity. At this given time, our country is facing a very trying time. The year 2020 confronted us with many challenges in which we have had to change our entire way of living. This pandemic has forced us to believe we are living in a war zone and it may surprise some of you?.. we are. Not only are we at war with Covid-19, we are also at war with our neighbors, family, and ourselves.

Social media, news media, and our thoughts are filled with hate and it is disgusting. The loss of being able to have a civil conversation about opposing views is a thing in the past. Do not get my words twisted as all parties are at fault!

Unity is defined by Merriam-Webster as " The quality or state of not being multiple" or "A condition of harmony." Harmony is even listed as a synonym of unity. When have you seen a positive turn towards peace and tranquility? In my short life, I have not but am hopeful that a change is coming. Hope is all we have at this point.

I would like to share a relatable story of unity. An old farmer had four children to which they never got along. There were always quarrels and fights between the family members and the old farmer wanted things to change so he thought of a way to show his children the idea of being united. He asked all the children to approach him in his room and he gave them a task; to go out and gather small sticks and bring them back to where he was. They did as he asked and they approached him with their sticks. He looked at his oldest and asked him to tightly wrap all the sticks but four. They now had a bundle of sticks and four single sticks to which he passed to the four children. He instructed them to bend the sticks and of course they broke! He then asked them to try and bend the bundle and none could break the bundle of sticks. At that point he taught his children a valuable lesson that they are stronger together than apart. As diverse as our country is, we are bound to have differences of opinions.

It is inevitable and it's only fair to respect everyone's views . How boring would it be if we all acted alike? I don't know about you but I wouldn't want that life for myself. You can be white or black. You can be Democrat or Republican. You can even be religious or you don't have to be. What you need to be is a good person with a big heart and an open mind. Life is too short to dwell on the things we can not change so let's change the things we can and start with ourselves!

Cole Krieg

Flat Creek


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