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Letter to the Editor for Tuesday, July 27


**Olympians shouldn’t disrespect U.S.

To the Editor:

Now the current trend of protesting everything American has spilled over into the Olympian games in Tokyo where the pampered, mediocre American participants can display their copy-cat antics of those who have “knelt” before them. I wonder why, if they are so motivated to display their disrespect for American values and how deplorable it is to be an honest-to-God patriotic American, they do not come up with an original idea to show their disrespect.

Perhaps the leader of the pack, the American soccer team, can line up and kick each other in the pants other than the soccer ball and the disqualified runner shout in distress she was emotionally upset and the pot smoking was medically motivated? For sure the embarrassing loss of the soccer team should show their incompetence and inability to kick a small ball into a large net.

And now I see where the politically bent, wimpy hand-wringing Olympian International committee has agreed to allow participants to voice their disrespect and political dissatisfaction of their country. I certainly look forward to seeing the Russian, Chinese and North Korean athletes come out burning their respective countries flags’ and spouting gibberish against their governments. If this occurs you can look forward to an Olympian spectacle that ain’t been seen since the first games were played in 776 B.C. and a sure bet would be these athletes won’t be seen again or receiving any gold medals. But since America is still the free and democratic nation she is, we will continue to condone and accept the unpatriotic disrespect of those few misguided and bewildered “athletes” in Tokyo. But certainty, they do not represent the millions of Americans who still respect and honor our great nation. The writer included.

Charles David Sliger



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