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Letter to the Editor for Tuesday, May 18


To the Editor:

When is the City of Shelbyville, TN., going to start enforcing the disability act for people who block the sidewalks in Shelbyville?

This is happening on Union Street between The Waters nursing home and Hope Street. It's not a day or a night. It's weeks at a time. These people continuously block the sidewalk with brush trimmings. Also, there is a business on Main Street that sells trailers that continuously blocks the sidewalk.

Why isn't someone from the City handing out tickets for blocking the sidewalks or sending notices that you can't do that?

You can't walk down the sidewalk, let alone get down it with a wheelchair without having to step into the street to get through. That is a shame on the City to let this continue to happen.

Wake up Shelbyville and start looking out for the disabled and the people who walk down these sidewalks.

I'm not in a wheelchair myself, but enough is enough. Wake up!

William R. Haase



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