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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 1


**Remembering William Ewing

To the Editor:

In Memory of William Ewing

The world is suddenly a darker place. At least it is in my corner of it. When William Ewing died, I lost a dear friend and a light went out for all who knew him-for those who really knew him. Yet, so many didn't really know him.

Over the years, some knew him as William; some, as Johnny. Some remember him only from his youth; some had the pleasure-blessing-of their also having known him in more recent years. It is primarily for those in the former category that I pen these memorial thoughts.

William and I were among the many proud members of Shelbyville Central High's Class of 1971. Better yet, we were proud to have been among those who played football for Shelbyville's Golden Eagles for those four wonderful years-thus, our lifelong friendship. If I had known William only during that time frame, or for many years immediately thereafter, my memories would be substantially different today. He would be quick to tell you that he lived a wild life-one of which he was not proud, often landing him in trouble and eventually leading him to the depths of depression. Yet, he would just as quickly tell you that those same experiences, starting at rock bottom, led him to a life devoted to Christ and a strong faith that sustained him throughout the remainder of his life. Yes, there may have been occasional setbacks over the years. But, his love for the Lord remained strong.

I lost contact with William for several decades. When I eventually retired and returned home to Middle Tennessee, I'm happy to say that, despite our living miles apart, we took advantage of every opportunity to rendezvous for lunches or otherwise stay in touch. Then, in May 2020, I experienced a stroke. When times were darkest, William was there for me, checking on my health and morale. Frequently, he would send a text with a specially chosen Scripture accompanied by his comments as to how I should apply it at the time. I determined that, if my time were to come anytime soon, it would've been an honor if William could've offered a few words at my funeral. Yet, the tables have turned, and it is I who now offer a few words in his memory.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing that William Ewing was for those who really knew him.

Wayne Dillingham

Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)



To the Editor:

I went through the drive-thru at Arby's Thursday night and when I got to the pick up window the young man said I did not owe for the food as the lady in the car in front of me had paid my bill. The lady was driving a white Buick SUV, but before I could get to her car to thank her she was driving onto Madison Street and had gone.

If she reads this I would just like to say thank you and tell her she is very nice and she puts my trust in people. With all the arguing and hatred going on in America it is good to see that there are still people who are willing to do nice things for total strangers.

I will be sure to pay this act of kindness forward.

Charles Reed



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