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Masked robber forces way into home

By DAVID MELSON - dmelson@t-g.com
Posted 12/9/21

“Where’s the money?” a masked man accused of robbing a Woodbury Street man allegedly yelled repeatedly as he entered his home early Friday night.

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Masked robber forces way into home

“Where’s the money?” a masked man accused of robbing a Woodbury Street man allegedly yelled repeatedly as he entered his home early Friday night.
The robber allegedly followed closely behind a woman who knocked on the victim’s door asking to use the telephone, Shelbyville police said.
He allegedly pushed his way inside the home as the woman entered, then punched the victim in the face, Officer Darren Jenkins’ report said. The victim fell to the ground and was allegedly kicked several times by the robber.
But the victim fought back and was able to pull down the suspect’s mask and see his face.
The robber and the woman allegedly overpowered the victim and took his wallet, containing approximately $400, before running out the door.
The victim suffered a “golf ball-size wound” to the left side of his face and a swollen eye, Jenkins’ report said.
Suspect charged
A suspect who allegedly threatened to rob his ex-girlfriend if she didn’t return his clothing, then grabbed her purse and ran from North Main Laundry shortly after midnight Monday, Nov. 29 has been arrested, Shelbyville police said.
The purse contained $150, police said at the time.
Gabriel Vargas, 32, of North Cannon Boulevard allegedly took the purse from a basket at the laundry, where they had gone separately, and walked out. The woman was washing clothing belonging to both of them.
She said he asked Vargas why he took the purse and he “displayed a knife” while telling her to leave him alone. The report did not say he actually pointed the knife.
The victim played police a voice mail in which Vargas had said he would rob her unless his clothing was returned. Another customer said he didn’t see anything but the victim exited the building and said upon re-entering that Vargas had “pulled a knife.”
Vargas is charged with aggravated robbery and criminal impersonation. He is being held on $53,000 bond.
Stolen vehicle
An intoxicated woman allegedly stole a SUV from a woman visiting her grandson on Elm Street late Friday night, but was caught minutes later by Shelbyville police.
The SUV’s owner said a woman she didn’t know, later identified as Nicole Williamson, walked up as she entered the home and asked for directions to a local restaurant. The SUV was gone when the owner left approximately 30 minutes later, police said.
Officer Dylan Bliss heard the vehicle’s description dispatched and saw it at Lane Parkway and Union Street. Bliss made a traffic stop at Lane Parkway and North Cannon Boulevard.
Williamson allegedly gave a fake name but officer Bailey Dineen noticed a jail wristband with her true identification.
Crushed and powder pill residue was allegedly present in Williamson’s nose, she appeared lethargic and failed field sobriety tests, Bliss’s report said.
Williamson was charged with theft of property, DUI, sixth offense driving on a revoked license and criminal impersonation. She was held on $17,500 bond.
Resisting arrest
•An allegedly-uncooperative suspect was subdued with a taser during a traffic stop Saturday night.
Clayton Fiveash, 38, of Murfreesboro failed field sobriety tests in a parking lot on South Cannon Boulevard and allegedly fought off Officer Bailey Dineen’s attempts to handcuff him.
“Lt. (Justin) Smith gave many commands trying to get him to put his hands behind his back,” Dineen’s report said. “Fiveash kept turning around and at one point asked, ‘Or what?’ Lt. Smith deployed his taser at that time. The taser hit him in the front and he fell to the ground.”
Fiveash was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car at that point. He was charged with resisting arrest, DUI, violation of the implied consent law (refusal to take a blood-alcohol test) and domestic assault for allegedly shoving a woman off a porch moments earlier on Providence Road. Fiveash was held on $23,000 bond.
•Officers who thought a trespassing suspect appeared to be about to throw a wrought iron chair early Tuesday was accused of resisting arrest.
Michael Harrison Stewart, 36, of Ridgeway Avenue allegedly knocked on the back door of an East Franklin Street home around 1:30 a.m. Responding officers said Stewart admitted the knocks, while using foul language, pulling a small limb off a tree and swinging it.
Stewart was arrested after swinging the chair. He allegedly refused to cooperate as he was being handcuffed. The report notes two sets of handcuffs were used due to Stewart’s size. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and held on $9,000 bond.
•Terry Joe Walker, 35, of Woodland Drive was charged with resisting arrest when he allegedly became “irate” as officers attempted an arrest Tuesday.
Walker had reportedly been beating on the front door of a Kingwood Avenue home. He tried to pull away from Officer Tracy Teal and was brought under control, an investigative report said.
Charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and violation of probation were filed against Walker. He was held on $9,000 bond.
•A woman accused of throwing or shooting something at a neighbor’s Anna Lane home allegedly kicked an officer as she was being arrested for disorderly conduct Saturday night.
Police said Cavetta Crockett, 43, was in a screaming rage and kicked Officer Darren Jenkins as he and other officers handcuffed her. She had to be placed in a restraint chair on arrival at Bedford County Jail, the report said.
Crockett was also charged with resisting arrest and assault. She posted $11,500 bond.
•An engagement ring worth $7,000 and a cell phone were stolen last week from an Archery Lane home, Shelbyville police were told Sunday.
The victim said she had left the home locked and upon return found it unlocked but with no signs of forced entry.
•An attempt was made to cut the catalytic converter off a truck at Preferred Glass Co., North Jefferson Street, overnight Thursday.
The theft was discovered when an employee started the truck and noticed the engine didn’t sound right.
Drug charge
Marijuana was found on a woman during a traffic stop Saturday night, resulting in an arrest for simple possession.
Officer Dylan Bliss said in a report he smelled marijuana on Tonya P. Beard, 46, whose address is listed as Shelbyville Inn on North Cannon Boulevard. Approximately 1.5 grams of marijuana and a partially smoked marijuana cigarette were found in Beard’s vehicle after he allegedly smelled the substance in the vehicle.
Bliss made the traffic stop initially to check another person in the vehicle, who said he’d attempted to shoplift at a nearby store but stopped before completing the act. The clerk chose to not press charges.
Jail intake
The following were charged since Monday by the Shelbyville Police Department, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.
•Jamie Ross Boyce II, 25, Patton Drive; violation of probation; released, $2,000 bond
•Samantha Ann Brown, 27, Lewisburg; theft of property over $1,000; held, $5,000 bond
•Patrick Alex Cardwell, 21, Lane Parkway; possession of drug paraphernalia; summons issued
•Jorge Luis Diaz, 19, Smyrna; failure to appear; released on recognizance
•Reginald Drennon, 26, Murfreesboro; attachment; held, $500 bond
•Jorge Armando Enriquez, 28, Akita Way, Unionville; vandalism over $500; released, $1,500 bond
•Jason Comer George, 41, South Cannon Boulevard; failure to appear, bench warrant, driving on revoked license, evading on foot; held, $7,000 bond
•Richard Melton Gosse, 70, Christiana; violation of probation, capias; released, no bond
•Itzel Vanes Huerta Grajales, 22, Bates Street; assault; released, no bond
•Allen Jasper Lawson Jr., 43, Industrial Parkway; sale of schedule II drug, failure to appear; held, $5,000 bond
•Letecia Vazquez Masqueda, 43, Hilltop Drive; no driver’s license; released, no bond
•Bryan Travis Merlo, 34, Lane Parkway; probation revocation; released, no bond
•Jaqualunn Renee O’Neal, 19, Barksdale Lane; financial responsibility, lack of due care when driving, no driver’s license; released, no bond
•Shakuria Kana Smith, 24, Tullahoma; bench warrant-aggravated assault; held, $10,000 bond
•Michael Harrison Stewart, 36, Ridgeway Avenue; disorderly conduct, resisting arrest; held, $9,000 bond
•Gabriel Vargas, 32, North Cannon Boulevard; criminal impersonation, aggravated robbery; held, $53,000 bond
•Alan Coy Vinson, 33, Manchester; child support attachment; released, $1,000 bond
•Terry Joe Walker, 35, Woodland Drive; violation of probation, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest; held, $9,000 bond
•Alex Patrick Warren, 26, Murfreesboro; failure to appear, bench warrant; summons issued
•Brittany Nichole Whitaker, 28, Anthony Lane; driving on revoked license, financial responsibility; released, no bond
•Wesley Martin Worthington, 26, Carter Street; failure to appear; held, no bond


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