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Woosley-Reed to follow mom's legacy at Tennessee


Senior Evan Woosley-Reed has created quite the legacy during his years at Cascade. 

After finishing second in the state golf tournament as a freshman, Woosley-Reed followed with three-straight state titles and created a prowess as one of the top golfers in the state of any classification. 

His three state titles followed that of his mother, Tiffany Woosley, and nearly mirrored her career.

It seemed only fitting he continue fulfilling the legacy by attending the University of Tennessee, just like his mother.

On Wednesday, he made it official and in front of a crowd of his peers at Cascade, signed his letter of intent to continue his scholastic career with the Volunteers.

Being able to follow in his mother’s footsteps meant a lot to the three-time state champion.

“It means a lot. A lot more opportunity for myself. It gives me a chance to prove myself when I’m not only at Tennessee, but even past it. She’s helped me a lot throughout the way and I just can’t thank my parents enough. Every step of the way, they’ve been there to help,” he said.

Woosley-Reed capped his stellar career last month by winning his third-straight state title and with the legacy he leaves behind at Cascade, Woosley-Reed hopes future athletes can see his accomplishments as a guide for others to chase their dreams. 

He was quick to credit the family atmosphere within the Cascade community as well.

“All the support—Cascade has become my second family. Hopefully I left something good here and hopefully more legacies and careers will be changed from Cascade like mine was. I just appreciate everyone here,” he said.

That family environment and support was never more evident than before his sophomore year during a school pep rally that Woosley-Reed felt the support of the community.

“I’d have to say the first year I won state, whenever they did the pep rally in the gym, that was something I never experienced before. I love that kind of atmosphere and family environment. Everyone is a family here. They support everyone and I appreciate everyone,” he said.

With the signing made official, Woosley-Reed now focuses on wrapping up his high school career for an early graduation so he can enroll at Tennessee 

next semester.

“It’s going to be stressful just getting everything done by December, but it will be fun and I’m looking forward to a new chapter,” he said.

With the next chapter in his career waiting in the wings, Woosley-Reed hopes to one day qualify for the PGA tour.

While in Knoxville, he plans on studying business. 

“I’m looking at either business finance or business accounting. I’ve always liked that and been intrigued by the math part of it. Just something to fall back on. The ultimate goal is to be on the PGA tour. If God has a different plan for me, hopefully I can get a good education have something to fall back on,” he said.


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