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What is happening to our democracy?


To the editor,

This past week, December 14 to the 18th was a very dark and scary week for our great country. Donald Trump still refuses to accept he lost the November 3rd election. He continues to spew false statements on how the election was rigged with voter fraud. Trump started the ground work of his false claim of voter fraud four months before the election. He began to feed his base that the Democrats will use mail in ballots to rigged the election. Trump lies and make false statements, and we know he has followers that will support him even if he shoots someone on 5th Avenue. But what happened next will scar this country for years to come.

This country was not prepared for this first act of a new Civil War. This country could not believe an Attorney General from Texas, Ken Paxton, who is under an FBI indictment, filed a lawsuit in the United States Supreme court asking the court to overturn the election results in certain states, and declare Trump as the winner not Joe Biden. After the lawsuit was filed 126 Republican foot soldiers of this new Civil War movement along with 18 Republicans Attorney Generals from different states signed on in support of this lawsuit. These 126 Republican foot soldiers are currently members of the U.S. House of Representatives. After the Supreme Court refused to hear the lawsuit these Republicans are considering removing certain states or parts of states to consider forming their own nation.

These people took an oath to our Constitution. These people are traitors. Removing certain states ‘voting rights’ because you don’t agree with the winner of their election is wrong. This lawsuit is totally against what Democracy is. The 126 Republican House Representatives should be sanctioned and then removed from office. The 18 Republican Attorney Generals should be disbarred and then put in jail as traitors.

Citizens of America please do not take this lightly. These are elected officials trying to take away your state rights that are protected under our constitution.

Bobby Fanning



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