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I was so excited to learn the other day that Barry Gibb - a member of one of my all-time favorite singing groups, The Bee Gees - and Tennessee's own Dolly Parton are doing a remake of the brothers' Gibb song, "Words." Due to current circumstances, they should have remade another famous Bee Gees hit, "Stayin' Alive."... more
One of the primary battle lines in the political war over COVID-19 is masks — do they work? Should government be allowed to mandate wearing them? Some of the sideline arguments are people who say COVID is not real, a hoax dreamed up by Democrats to bring down Trump. Some say mask mandates are a liberal Democrat scheme to gain control over the masses... more
To the editor,   Ms. Lesnik in her story in the referenced edition of the Times-Gazette (Wednesday, Nov. 25), states that the first Thanksgiving took place in Massachusetts in 1621. Wrong!   Below is a brief summary of the facts to state the historical truth that the first Thanksgiving took place in Virginia in 1619... more
In today’s custody courts and departments of child services, mental abuse is not taken as seriously as physical abuse is. Many people may wonder why, and some may think that mental abuse is just a way for a kid to claim they are being hurt. One thing for sure is that mental abuse is one hundred percent real for many kids... more
The current National election for various offices including the presidency has constantly been at the front with the liberal Democrat-controlled  media preaching doomsday if Trump is reelected.  However, contention and chaos during the current election pales in magnitude and secretive underhand tactics when compared to one of  Americas' most controversial past elections.  The subject controversial  and questionable election  occurred during the presidential election of 1876 which is known as the Compromise of !877 and resulted in Republican Ohio governor and wounded Civil War veteran  Rutherford Hayes defeating New York Democrat  governor  Samuel Tiden. . ... more
I’ve refrained the last eight months from pushing my viewpoints about wearing masks during the pandemic onto others. Still, medical studies are showing that the practice — one which I’ve implemented in public since March — is proving beneficial to stopping the spread of the coronavirus... more
A Davidson County chancellor took much-needed action last week. She gave public accountability a boost and set the Attorney General’s Office straight on the Open Meetings Act. Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled on Friday that the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance violated the Open Meetings Act by holding an email vote — outside a public meeting and without public notice — to approve a settlement with a lawmaker, substantially reducing his outstanding fines. ... more
While millions of acres burn out West, Democratic governors in Oregon and California are in heated debates with President Trump about who and what’s to blame for the massive wildfires in their states. The governors say climate change is to blame for the scope and intensity of the fires. (The implication here is that because Trump has done nothing to try and rein in climate change, he is to blame for the fires.)... more
Do we live in a democracy?  Well,  yes and no.   We don’t live in a true democracy.  In a true democracy, governmental policies that affect the majority of citizens are voted up or down by the majority of citizens. We live in a Republic.  In a Republic, citizens vote periodically for an agent — the so called representatives (congress, senate) — who decides on the best policy, (law) for all the people.  We also vote for a president to faithfully carry out those laws. ... more
Our agriculture industry is an essential part of our economy, bringing in nearly $75 billion of revenue per year. In particular, Bedford County is one of Tennessee’s top-producing agricultural counties. We need to ensure that our farmers are treated fairly – something that the previous Administrations – both Democrat and Republican – have failed to do. In President Trump, we have a leader willing to stand up for fair and reciprocal trading terms for Americans’ access to agricultural markets... more
I was thinking the other day, wouldn’t it be lovely, if I were to wake up from sleep and realize I had dreamed the whole COVID thing. You know how elated you are many times to discover certain events didn’t happen, which were present in your dreams?... more
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