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To the editor, On January 6 we saw a mob of goons, prodded on by domestic terrorist Donald Trump, go to our nation's capitol for the purpose of killing people and destroying property. Donald Trump had the purpose of overthrowing our government so he could become a dictator. This was an insurrection led by a failed man who will go down in history as the worst president in the history of the United States... more
To the editor, Our country has reached a pinnacle of violence the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Civil War era. It is the mostly pro-Trump supporters this time who were the violent mobs rioting and shooting in the nation's capitol. However, this deplorable unlawful action pales beside the chaos, looting and deadly riots that have inundated our country for the past year mostly condoned and sanctioned by the left wing minority radicals of the Democrat party; which, by the way, does not represents a vast majority of the law abiding moderate Democrats no more than the violent Republican radicals represent the majority of Republicans.. ... more
To the editor. This Covid-19 stimulus bill could have been passed back in July if it had not been for Pelosi waiting for a new President. She said that out of her own mouth on camera. I hope she has nightmares every night when she has to think about families losing their homes and children going without food due to her lack of judgement. ... more
To the editor, This past week, December 14 to the 18th was a very dark and scary week for our great country. Donald Trump still refuses to accept he lost the November 3rd election. He continues to spew false statements on how the election was rigged with voter fraud. ... more
This is Christmas letter number 50. My Grand Finale! I started writing this in 1970, when we had recently moved from Atlanta to Nashville. Much has changed. The cost of gasoline was 36 cents which today would be $2.45. A Ford or a Chevy was $3,542... more
To the editor, Brent Bozell of Media Research announced at a news conference from a survey reported in the Epoch Times that 10 percent of Biden voters in key states would not have voted for him if they had known about Hunter and Joe Biden’s shady dealings with China, Ukraine, and Russia... more
To the editor, Whatever happened to the majority vote of the people, like 100%, especially when it comes to the safety of their homes and lives? The duties of the road board do not include changing a road name. Addresses are assigned by 911 Emergency Department... more
To the editor, Back in late March and early April, when we all were seeing the terrifying images of refrigerator trucks full of corpses in New York City, the COVID contagion rate there was about 65 new cases per day per 100,000 population. For the last several days the contagion rate in Bedford County has averaged nearly 50% higher that the peak New York City rate, and our rate stands to increase substantially before we finally get a break. ... more
To the editor,     Donald Trump is spending his last days in the White House as he has spent the last four years: As an overgrown spoiled bully, whimpering because he didn't win the game he couldn't afford to lose. His pitiful attempts to find fault in the election process have not been successful, the endless lawsuits have either been thrown out or defeated, and he has retreated to his covid-laced bunker... more
To the editor, In the world of statistics, Tennessee is ranked #16 on the population scale, just shy of 7,000,000. In the world of education, Tennessee is ranked #35, with higher education’s rating at 23 and pre-K-12 at 38. In the world of health, we are ranked #43.  Considerations in this category were access, quality, and public health in general... more
To the editor, I want to extend my condolences to Stella Adcock who has lost her orange painted idol I now refer to as Nasty Old Suer.  Loser Trump is filing lawsuits right and left trying to overturn a legitimate election he lost badly.  His suits have no validity and he is in a rage.  I know Ms. ... more
To the editor, I was alarmed at seeing the lead-in for an ad paid for by the Bedford County Republican Party: “Does the outright theft of the presidential election by the Democratic party have you Spitting mad”? (Times Gazette, November 14, 2020). This ludicrous assertion has me disappointed and distressed. ... more
To the editor, The  national election day has passed, but to date with the lawsuits and challenged voting returns  no clear official  winner is yet legally declared but  the democrats have a sudden Christian change of heart.  They are now posturing as the smiling,  peace loving harbingers of peace, compassion and healers of wounds proffering the branch of reconciliation  and miracle- of- miracles, they have actually gone an entire week without posting a myriad of "we hate Trump" media tirades. ... more
To the editor, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Grinch (Terrence) Corrigan for his absolutely uncalled-for attempt to discredit a 20-plus year charity that is enjoyed by hundreds of locals and has helped to deliver a happier Christmas to literally thousands of needy children in Middle Tennessee... more
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