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Bedford County Justice Center Hosts Community High School Criminal Justice Students


The Bedford County Justice Center opened its doors to aspiring young minds last Thursday, as students from Community High School's Criminal Justice Program embarked on an educational tour of the facility. The visit, aimed at providing a closer look into the real-world operations of the criminal justice system, was a significant opportunity for students eyeing a career in this field.

Under the guidance of their Criminal Justice Program Instructor, Chris Hobbs, students navigated the various offices within the Justice Center. Each office holds a unique role in the intricate machinery of the criminal justice system, and the visit was tailored to showcase just that.

Notably, Jail Lieutenant Rick Gentry shed light on the daily operations of the Bedford County Jail. He candidly spoke about the world of corrections, detailing both its routine and the challenges that come with it. Meanwhile, Judicial Services Deputy Mitchell Warren acquainted the students with the Judicial Center. He delved into the court process, emphasized the importance of facility security, and elaborated on the services each office provides.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office expressed gratitude for the ongoing partnership with the school system. They also highlighted the tangible results of this partnership: several students from previous tours have chosen to stay in Bedford County after graduation, taking on roles within the judicial system. This reflection underscores the impact such initiatives can have on students, potentially influencing their career choices and strengthening community ties.

The Sheriff's Office stated, "We are proud of the partnership we've developed with the school system, and even more so of the students who, inspired by these tours, have decided to serve the Bedford County community post-graduation."

The success of such collaborations serves as a testament to the importance of community engagement in shaping the futures of its young members. With continued partnership and mutual respect, Bedford County hopes to nurture even more future leaders in the criminal justice field.

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