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Marion Cataldo

November 26, 2022


A heart, dear to us, stopped beating the other night. Marion Cataldo passed away Saturday, November 26, 2022, at the age of 93. A few of us were able to be with her when she passed, and we are grateful she was not alone. She is survived by two daughters, Janet Cataldo (son-in-law, Don Cataldo, deceased), and Susan Fuss (son-in-law, Thomas Fuss), as well as 14 grandchildren: Toby Fuss, and the Cataldos: Eppie, Heidi, Adam, Tiffany, Benjamin, Bethany, Samuel, Jesse, Josiah, David, Levi, Asher, and Ezra (and all their beloved spouses). She is also survived by 32 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild: Zach, Brooklynn, Jonathan, Logan, Jakob, Arowyn, Anyka, Mia, Silas, Dorian, Amora, Christian, Isaac, Arthur, Henry, Abigail, Jude, Isabell, Eli, Keegan, Calista, Gab, Enoch, Corbin, Lexi, Layla, Mercy, Harper, Kyliee, Aliza, Luis, Isaiah, and Harlee.  She will be greatly missed.

It is a good soul, a good life that is missed upon passing. Our grandmother, Marion Cataldo, will be missed. She was an advocate for righteousness and her love was shown in her encouragement toward betterment. She had a steadfast heart and faith in Jesus Christ, but she was also witty and intelligent. She told us she wanted to “just cling to Jesus when she got to heaven.” That is how we will imagine her now! You may have met her at her Lutheran congregations on Long Island, New York or Shelbyville, Tennessee, or at the Church of Christ in Wartrace. You may recognize her from Cataldo Auto Repair, where she helped launch the business! She added to any group she joined, encouraging people to think deeper, try harder, love better. She was so frustrated as she began to lose her words. She asked us not to forget her, but I think she was asking us to remember her, make note of her passing, of her value to us. She was valuable. She was loved. She is still loved. We invite you to come remember her with us, to remember those you have lost, who were just as valuable to you.

Please join the family Monday, December 12, from 5-9 p.m. at the Church of Christ in Wartrace, Tennessee. Thank you and may God bless you all!

Doak-Howell Funeral Home is serving the family.