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To the editor:   United Way of BedfordCounty’s board of director wants to thank everyone who was part of the annual Mardi Gras Crawfish and Shrimp Boil. While we would have liked to … more
Abortion questions   Dear Editor:   In response to Mr. Sliger’s column of May 14; between his diatribe on the Supreme Court, the Roe v. Wade leak, and a plethora of adjectives … more
To the editor:   March 22nd is National Ag Day – a day to celebrate the less than two percent of the population who provide food, fiber and fuel to all of us. Agriculture is no doubt … more
To the editor:  After reading in Saturday’s paper about the two sex offenders and their light sentences I realized that I just moved back to NY, a place I was happy to leave. Evidently our prosecutors don’t value the children that we raise in Bedford County. more
Living close to Community High School, I greatly enjoy the two plays they regularly offer each year, most recently the one last night. I appreciate the write ups often provided in Times-Gazette, such … more
In Bedford County I have seen the Let’s Go Brandon signs, which is code for a vulgar slogan; flags on the back of pickup trucks waving a swear word against President Biden and the 2024 former President’s yard signs, even though the election is 3 years away.   more
To the Editor:  Only if you have searched for housing within the past year can you fully appreciate the dilemma our young city manager and his family face. Housing prices have soared. If you … more
To the Editor: Now the current trend of protesting everything American has spilled over into the Olympian games in Tokyo where the pampered, mediocre American participants can display their copy-cat antics of those who have “knelt” before them. I wonder why, if they are so motivated to display their disrespect for American values and how deplorable it is to be an honest-to-God patriotic American, they do not come up with an original idea to show their disrespect... more
To the Editor: My wife and I have always enjoyed reading the Shelbyville Times-Gazette and appreciated the coverage you give to the entire community. We also recognize the advertising support the pages received from various businesses. When we received two editions dedicating the entire front page to one business, we were surprised. We think the front page should be for news coverage and not be given to one advertiser, especially not to alcohol which has hurt so many and their families... more
To the Editor: When is the City of Shelbyville, TN., going to start enforcing the disability act for people who block the sidewalks in Shelbyville? This is happening on Union Street between The Waters nursing home and Hope Street. It's not a day or a night. It's weeks at a time. These people continuously block the sidewalk with brush trimmings. Also, there is a business on Main Street that sells trailers that continuously blocks the sidewalk... more
To the Editor: From looking at the comments on the River Life on the Duck Facebook page, more information about the Warners Bridge river access is needed. I was one of the two commissioners who represented the 4th district during the replacement of the old Warners Bridge. ... more
To the Editor: I served the people of the fourth district as one of their commissioners for 20-plus years. During this time, Warners Bridge was replaced using federal and state grant money. The county, to insure access to the river for fishermen, boaters, floaters, and the public, purchased land from one of the property owners joining the bridge footprint. There are state right of way markers marking the bridge footprint... more
To the Editor: This past year has taught us the importance and power of connection. When the pandemic limited face-to-face interaction, our Compassus volunteers continued to lend their time and unwavering support to our staff and members of the community facing serious and life-limiting illness - even from a distance... more
To the Editor: In Memory of William Ewing The world is suddenly a darker place. At least it is in my corner of it. When William Ewing died, I lost a dear friend and a light went out for all who knew him-for those who really knew him. Yet, so many didn't really know him... more
To the editor, Dec. 25, 2020, Mr. Billy Hicks passed away and his passing marked the end of an era in our community. After graduating from MTSU in 1969, I landed my first professional job teaching architectural drawing and mathematics at Shelbyville Central High School. That same year my wife, Thesa, and I moved to Shelbyville to establish our first home. In that process we also attended the First Methodist Church where we established our "church home."... more
To the editor, I recall an entertainment event held at the east Tennessee Pine Hill grammar school I attended. It was a 'dog-and-pony' show charging an admission of 25 cents that was open to the public of the community as well. In this show there were several dogs of various sizes, breeds and temperament. The ring master held a flute ( in essence he was the Pied Piper) in his hand on which he would blow various notes and the trained dogs would react accordingly, lined up tail-to-nose and skip around in a circle performing various acrobatics such as turning flips, jumping through hoops, and walking on their hind legs while shrilly yelping the whole time in either pain or resentment. ... more
To the editor, I have a suggestion and I'm serious. What is wrong with putting all the former presidents in office with President Joe Biden: Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama. We could see if all four could get the country great again. They all did a fair job of running this country when they were president; at least they didn't tear it apart. ... more
To the editor, Americans..... the lost. We have lost our sense of unity. At this given time, our country is facing a very trying time. The year 2020 confronted us with many challenges in which we have had to change our entire way of living. This pandemic has forced us to believe we are living in a war zone and it may surprise some of you?.. we are. Not only are we at war with Covid-19, we are also at war with our neighbors, family, and ourselves... more
To the editor, Cudos to Bedford County Health Department Nurses and all other staff for making Covid vaccine for the elderly a stress free experience! I am 80 y/o, my husband 83 y/o. We were very worried about the possibility of waiting in long lines in cold weather especially since I am on crutches with a fractured knee! My children in Chattanooga were telling us horror stories of the disastrous Covid vaccine rollout there with long lines outdoor for the elderly and after waiting 2-3 hours they were then turned away!. ... more
To the editor, Monday I went grocery shopping and after I put my groceries in the car I took my shopping cart and put it in the cart return. I left my purse in the cart. When I got home and emptied my groceries, I could not find my purse. I got in my car and drove back to the store to look for my purse. I ran into the store and the cashier said 'You must want your purse. A lady saw it and brought it in and we put it in the office."... more
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