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To the editor, Whatever happened to the majority vote of the people, like 100%, especially when it comes to the safety of their homes and lives? The duties of the road board do not include changing a road name. Addresses are assigned by 911 Emergency Department... more
To the editor, Back in late March and early April, when we all were seeing the terrifying images of refrigerator trucks full of corpses in New York City, the COVID contagion rate there was about 65 new cases per day per 100,000 population. For the last several days the contagion rate in Bedford County has averaged nearly 50% higher that the peak New York City rate, and our rate stands to increase substantially before we finally get a break. ... more
To the editor,     Donald Trump is spending his last days in the White House as he has spent the last four years: As an overgrown spoiled bully, whimpering because he didn't win the game he couldn't afford to lose. His pitiful attempts to find fault in the election process have not been successful, the endless lawsuits have either been thrown out or defeated, and he has retreated to his covid-laced bunker... more
To the editor, In the world of statistics, Tennessee is ranked #16 on the population scale, just shy of 7,000,000. In the world of education, Tennessee is ranked #35, with higher education’s rating at 23 and pre-K-12 at 38. In the world of health, we are ranked #43.  Considerations in this category were access, quality, and public health in general... more
To the editor, I want to extend my condolences to Stella Adcock who has lost her orange painted idol I now refer to as Nasty Old Suer.  Loser Trump is filing lawsuits right and left trying to overturn a legitimate election he lost badly.  His suits have no validity and he is in a rage.  I know Ms. ... more
To the editor, I was alarmed at seeing the lead-in for an ad paid for by the Bedford County Republican Party: “Does the outright theft of the presidential election by the Democratic party have you Spitting mad”? (Times Gazette, November 14, 2020). This ludicrous assertion has me disappointed and distressed. ... more
To the editor, The  national election day has passed, but to date with the lawsuits and challenged voting returns  no clear official  winner is yet legally declared but  the democrats have a sudden Christian change of heart.  They are now posturing as the smiling,  peace loving harbingers of peace, compassion and healers of wounds proffering the branch of reconciliation  and miracle- of- miracles, they have actually gone an entire week without posting a myriad of "we hate Trump" media tirades. ... more
To the editor, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Grinch (Terrence) Corrigan for his absolutely uncalled-for attempt to discredit a 20-plus year charity that is enjoyed by hundreds of locals and has helped to deliver a happier Christmas to literally thousands of needy children in Middle Tennessee... more
To the editor, As a person who tends to believe that people are generally good, I have a hard time understanding the reason why people would vote for a President who is so obviously such a horrible failure of a human being. There is no reason to bring up Donald Trump's draft dodging, his numerous sexual assaults and affairs, his false Christianity, his habitual dishonesty,  or his businesses that he has bankrupted because of his own incompetence. ... more
To the editor, If a psychic made a bunch of predictions and they all came true, you would probably believe everything they predicted from then on. Of course you would. Well, hundreds of bible prophecies have come true so far, but not everyone believes in God or the Bible. And that’s a shame; because when the end of time comes, as predicted in the Bible, there will be a lot of people left behind... more
To the editor, Regarding Ms. Adcock’s October 10 letter to the editor, I want to address two of the many issues with which I disagree. First, in June of 2017 Senator Kamala Harris joined the unanimous vote for a resolution marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.  Included In this resolution was the moving of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Joe Biden held no office during this time.  However, Joe Biden did vote for the measure in 1995 when he was a Delaware Senator, and he has stated that if elected president he would keep the embassy in Jerusalem.. ... more
To the editor, Now with the November 3rd election nearing we ask ourself who will be elected President of this great country. We ask ourself who are these two men seeking to be our president for the next four years. Who are these two men wanting to be the next Commander in Chief of our country? When you travel around the states you see yard signs, and very large display signs of each of these candidates, but do we the people really know who they are, and if elected will they fight to save our democracy as we know it?. ... more
To the editor, The Two-Party Subsidiaries of the Oligarchs, wherein the Democrat and Republicans representatives implement the will of the Super Rich, have a Stranglehold on the ElectionMachinery. From Rick Snyder's Interstate Cross Check Voter Purges, to limits on Early Voting, to Sabotaging the Post Office, the Rethuglicans are trying to Suppress the Voter Turnout... more
To the editor, Early voting has started. I hope everyone will go vote and vote early. This is our opportunity to take our country back. The far-right Republicans has held our country hostage for to long. This is the year we can clean house as my mother used to say. Not only do we need to replace Trump, but we do not need to send Trump and his trolls back to Congress. We do not need to send Bill Hagerty to Congress. We have enough far right radicals in government already... more
To the editor, As the general election draws near the confusion grows deeper.  I listen to all the dour faced pundits and doomsayers and have reached a conclusion:  the Democrats have absolutely no agenda to offer America on which to base their aspirations for gaining control of the US. ... more
To the editor, I, for one am sick of liberals Monday morning quarterbacking on Covid-19. Nobody in the liberal camp wants to look at the timeline of what was known when. We were getting mixed information from the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, WHO was covering up for China. ... more
To the editor,     Beyond all the back-and-forth, the bitterness and arguments, disagreements and passionate vitriol that seem to be in play right now, there is one truth that all sides can agree on: Elections have Consequences.     We are in the midst of an historic set of crises, any one of which could damage our society irreparably. ... more
To the editor, On Monday (9/28/2020) I mailed my absentee ballot to the Coffee County Election Commission as I wanted to make sure my votes would be counted. Now with having said that I would urge and like to see every registered voter vote when the early voting starts on October 14, 2020. ... more
To the editor, This letter is to address an ad which was run in the Oct. 3rd. issue of the Times Gazette, page 12A.  That ad seems to imply that if you have social security or medicare, you should thank a democrat. What the democrats actually (gave) you was (another) pay-roll check deduction, allowing you to give yourself social security and medicare. If you find this hard to believe, just look at your next paycheck stub... more
To the editor, Tuesday’s ad by the Democrat Party is laughable! Instead of touting their candidate’s accomplishments, they had to go back to 1935 for Social Security establishment and 1966 for Medicare establishment. Voters want to know what your candidate’s policies are now. ... more
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